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  • Simran G

    Simran G

    Engineering and People Leader, Love the Outdoors, Avid Hiker, and all things Fitness. All round good guy

  • Mark Rees

    Mark Rees

    Chief Technology Officer at Xero

  • Joe Kutner

    Joe Kutner

    I’m an architect at who writes about software and related topics. I’m a co-founder of and the author of The Healthy Programmer.

  • Adam Warski

    Adam Warski

    Scala software engineer, Functional Programming enthusiast, SoftwareMill co-founder

  • Ethan Rogers

    Ethan Rogers

    Staff Software Engineer @Armory. Spinnaker OSS.

  • Felipe Castro

    Felipe Castro

    Helping organizations shift from projects to outcomes with a unique approach to OKR. Founder at OutcomeEdge.

  • Alex Gibson

    Alex Gibson

    Smarter than the average bipolar bear — Head of Engineering @ Xero

  • Stephen Dewar

    Stephen Dewar

    A Scottish father of 3, husband of a Kiwi and a life long learner of technology

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